Sugar Detox Group Nashville

sugar detox group classes in nashville, tn led by dr. callie gant

Sugar. We all love it. Like REALLY love it. But do we really know a whole lot about it?

Consumption of too much sugar is one of the leading causes of obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, chronic pain and inflammation in our society today.  Not only does excess sugar in our diets contribute to disease, but is a major factor in aging our entire body, pre-mature wrinkles, and collagen breakdown!

After years of seeing the effects of excess sugar in the American diet not only in my patients, but more importantly in myself, I knew that this addiction had gotten out of control.

That’s why I decided to start the Nashville Sugar Detox classes.  


Our class is led by Dr. Callie Gant.  


Learn about sugar detox strategies and how to lose weight in the process.


Once a week for 8 weeks starting mid 2016.


Art of Health Chiropractic

2823 Bransford Avenue Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 953-7544


Sugar is EVERYWHERE!  Cause of obesity, chronic inflammation, metabolic disorder, and many conditions.


8 week process that includes the science behind sugar addiction, where it hides, how to quit, the detox process, and next steps.  We will be doing weekly weigh-ins, visceral body fat measurements, sugar UA checks, and more to keep you motivated on your progress.

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