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Rehab Equipment used in office:

Ice and Heat Pack - Pain Relief Ice Pack with Strap for Hot & Cold Therapy - Reusable Gel Pack for Injuries | Best as Heat Wrap or Cold Pack for Back, Waist, Shoulder, Neck, Ankle, Calves and Hip (Large pack: 14" X 6")

Great Ice/Heat pack that can be used anywhere on the body.  We recommend ice for the first 24-48 hours and then heat to relax muscle spasms thereafter.

Muscle Pain Relief - Outback Pain Relief - Natural Topical Oil - 50mL Roll On (1.69 fl oz)

Of all the topical muscle pain relievers we have tried on ourselves and our patients - this seems to work the best, without offending your sinuses!  After initial application, most patients have felt relief after a few minutes.  The ingredients are simple and effective.

Foam Roller - Foam Roller,FitPlus Premium High Density Foam Roller - Extra Firm With 3 Year Warranty (Black 6 x 18)

Once the acute inflammatory stage has subsided and the muscle spasms have reduced, you will most likely be left with some tight and knotty muscle tissue.  

The foam roller works great for tight backs, and larger parts of the body like hamstrings, glutes, and the quads.

GuaSha - 7" Bian Stone Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool, Great Heavy Stone Guasha Board for ASTYM,Graston & Myofascial Release, Reduce Muscles Soreness,Relax Joints & Trigger Point Treatment,Easy to Grip.

For muscle pain in areas that are hard to reach with a foam roller, our go to is the Gua Sha tool.  

This tool (along with some kind of lubricating lotion, oil, or cream) allows you to work tight tissue virtually anywhere on the body and is especially great for shoulders, around the knees, and forearms.

Natural Muscle Relaxer - Dee Cee Labs Formula 303 Pain Relieve Natural Muscle Relaxant, 90 Tablets

We only carry a few supplements at the office consistently, and this is one we have had since the beginning.  

With a mixture of valerian, passion flower, and magnesium - the Dee Cee Labs 303 tablets are a wonderful all-natural muscle spasm reliever.  

We have had patients use these tablets for everything from post car accident muscle spasms, insomnia, sciatic pain, and even menstrual pain.  

TheraBand for Rehab - TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands For Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core Exercise, Physical Therapy, Lower Pilates, At-Home Workouts, and Rehab, Yellow & Red & Green, Beginner Set

Once you are out of pain, rehabbing the injured tissues is very important.  The bands above are the same type we use in office every day.  

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