Treatment for Neck Tension and Vocal Distress for Vocalists in Nashville

neck tension and vocal distress treatment nashville

Causes of Vocal Distress and Neck Tension for Singers

Vocal distress can be caused by many factors such as nodules, polyps, and chronic laryngitis that fall into the realm of treatment from your ear, nose, and throat doctor.  

One other cause of vocal distress may be neck tension and its related causes.

Biomechanically, neck tension which leads to vocal distress can be caused by a whole host of issues such as:

  • Raised shoulders, with one shoulder higher than the other due to muscle tension
  • Poor posture or overuse of accessory muscles 
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) where the mouth/jaw do not open symmetrically or correctly
  • Head position (ex. chin up)
  • Tension of neck muscles, shoulders, arms, hands

Treatment for Neck Tension for Vocalists

At Art of Health Chiropractic, treatment consists of three facets.  

  • Correct any biomechanical issues such as postural imbalances
  • Relieve muscle tension in the affected areas
  • Teach corrective exercises to prevent the issue from returning

Postural issues are resolved through chiropractic care.  Adjustments are made to the joints that are not functioning correctly.  

Muscular tension problems are corrected by either myofascial release and/or our Class IV advanced laser therapy.  The laser therapy allows for faster healing of the body, increased blood flow to the affected areas, and decreased pain.  Myofascial release helps to lengthen, strengthen and improve function of the affected musculature.

To learn more about how muscle tension can affect your singing, check out this great article from

As members of the Chiropractic Performing Arts Network (CPAN) and providers for MusiCares, our mission is to treat and help the artists that make Nashville such a vibrant musical city.  For questions or to schedule an appointment feel free to call the office at 615-953-7544.