Disc Bulge, Herniation, or Rupture Pain Treatment in Nashville

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Disc Herniation Treatment in Nashville

Having a herniated, bulging, or ruptured disc is not a sentence to a life full of pain.  In fact, a large part of the population currently has a disc issue of some sort that is not showing symptoms. Before thinking that surgery is the only answer, let's take a look at the major types of disc problems.

Types of Disc Conditions

Bulging or Prolapsed Disc - This is where the center of the disc extends past its normal position. A disc bulge occurs when the tough outer fibers of the spinal disc weaken and stretch allowing the center portion of the disc to move or bulge outward.  

Herniated Disc - This occurs when the disc has a tear in the outer cover of the disc called the annulus.  A herniated disc is similar to a bulging disc except that the outer layers of the disc actually weaken to the point of tearing.

Ruptured Disc - This occurs when the annulus (outer fibers) tear in such a way that the center or nucleus of the disc leaks out.  This can be an emergent condition if it is followed by loss of feeling in the legs or loss of bowel control.  If followed by loss of bowel control, please seek immediate medical attention.

Types of Treatments

At Art of Health Chiropractic, patient comfort is our primary concern.  Before you begin treatment, the doctors will perform a thorough orthopedic and neurological exam to ensure that you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Adjustments - Chiropractic adjustments will be made to the spine to allow for proper movement of the joints and for pain relief.  The doctors have many techniques available to ensure as little discomfort as possible.

Advanced Cold Laser Therapy - Laser therapy allows the doctors to reach the source of pain by using a powerful therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, increase healing time, and begin proper healing of the damaged tissues.  Many patients find drastic relief of their symptoms within a few visits.

Dr. Callie Gant and Dr. Michael Buczynski founded Art of Health Chiropractic with the goal of creating a happier, healthier Nashville.  Feel free to call the office at 615-953-7544 with any questions or to schedule your first appointment.