Best Natural Muscle Relaxer

Natural Muscle Relaxer

Doctor Recommended

Best Natural Muscle Relaxer

Our favorite natural muscle relaxer, stress reliever, sleep aid, do-it-all supplement is Dee Cee Labs Formula 303.  

As anyone who has been to our office can attest, we only carry two to three supplements at any one time...because we are not fans of selling something that we don't use ourselves.

That being said...we have a hard time keeping the 303's on the shelves.  

Dee Cee Labs Formula 303's are made in White House, TN and consist of magnesium, valerian root, and passion flower.  The magnesium works great at relaxing muscles and the valerian and passion flower combo are excellent nerve tonics.  

You can grab a bottle of 303's here to try...

Some conditions that the Formula 303's can help include:

• Leg Cramps

• Restless Leg Syndrome

• Fibromyalgia

• Low Back Pain

• Muscle Pain

• Back Sprain and Strain

• PMS Menstrual Cramps

• Pulled Muscles

• Neck and Shoulder Pain

• Nervousness

• Mild Insomnia

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