Why Does My Chiropractor Have A Laser?

If you have ever been to a chiropractor's office, you know what you are used to seeing. There is usually some sort of adjusting table, maybe some exercise equipment, and typically a muscle stim or ultrasound machine for pain management.

So, what is the deal with the contraption on the cart that my patients refer to as the robot?

That, my friends, is a deep tissue laser therapy system (also known as cold laser).  They are called cold lasers because they are a step below surgical grade lasers that can cut and cauterize.

Why do I need it?  Great question.  The simple answer is that it exponentially accelerates the body's natural healing process and gets patients out of pain, fast.  

When we opened our practice, we were looking for ways to complement chiropractic care and allow patients the greatest results without having to spend more time with us than they do with their families.

This led us to do some research to see what professional athletes were using, since their training rooms are typically on the cutting edge.  Realizing that these deep tissue lasers were being used daily in training rooms throughout professional sports, we decided to make the investment.

It has been several months since we started using the laser and the results have been awesome.  Patients have been extremely satisfied with the results.  My favorite quote comes  from a patient who was "finally able to wear heels again after five years.  I can't believe how much better my ankles feel.  Now, let's work on my wrists..." 

Cold laser therapy is a safe, drug-free, and painless therapy that exponentially increases healing time, decreases pain, and allows you to get on with your life.


Dr. Callie Gant and Dr. Michael Buczynski founded Art of Health Chiropractic with the goal of creating a happier, healthier Nashville.    Feel free to call the office at 615-953-7544 with any questions or to schedule your first appointment.