Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief

Neck Pain and Upper Back Pain Treatment and Therapy

I have had many patients, friends, and family members ask what they can do to relieve their neck and upper back pain that occurs when working at a computer.  Many times they think a stretch would be the most effective treatment, but often times the pain is due to a weakness in certain muscle groups that leads to over working another.

neck and back pain

Upper Crossed Sydrome

The most prevalent posture imbalance has the name of Upper Crossed Syndrome.  If you look in a mirror, it is likely you can see this in yourself. Shoulders are rolled forward resulting in tight pectoral muscles and upper back muscles, coupled with weak neck flexors and lower trapezius muscles.  If you notice an afternoon ache, headache, or increased tightness in the upper back, then be sure to check out the following exercise.

Scapular Wall Slide

My favorite exercise to teach patients is something called a Scapular Wall Slide.  Below is a great video that explains the correct posture and form when completing the exercise.  If you have a history of shoulder surgery, you may not be able to completely externally rotate your shoulder.  That's fine.  Just do what you can and stay in pain-free range of motion.

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