Whiplash Treatment In Nashville

whiplash treatment nashville

Hi, this is Dr. Michael Buczynski from your Nashville Chiropractor, Art of Health Chiropractic.  

Today I’m going to talk to you about the best treatment option we have to offer to decrease your pain after whiplash in a car accident.

There are three main components to healing correctly from whiplash, no matter what the severity of the impact, but the one most patients are concerned about is getting out of pain.

The pain from whiplash can be excruciating, annoying, and exhausting.  You can’t sleep, you’re having headaches, and I’m sure your neck and upper back are aching.  In order to combat the constant muscle spasms and irritation to the spinal nerves, we have to decrease the inflammation and swelling.  

So how do we get you out of pain? The key here lies in our Deep Tissue Laser Therapy (also known as cold laser therapy), which is the most powerful laser therapy system in any Nashville chiropractor’s office.  This is a phenomenal tool that will allow us to assist the body in healing at a faster rate.  The warming laser penetrates deep into the damaged tissues and initiates and accelerates the body’s healing process.  Damaged tissue is removed, healthy tissue is laid down in the form of new collagen fibers, blood flow bringing nutrients to the damaged site is increased, and inflammation and swelling are decreased.  This means you heal faster and are out of pain quicker.

If you or anyone you know have been injured in a Nashville car accident, don’t hesitate, call today.

Dr. Michael Buczynski at Art of Health Chiropractic in Nashville, TN has treated over 1100 auto accident patients over the past two years.  He has worked with patients exhibiting symptoms such as whiplash, headaches, wrist and shoulder sprains, disk bulges, hip and knee pain, numbness, tingling, back pain, and more.

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