Play Through The Pain?

musician injuries 

So, you're about to pick up the old guitar and write the next great song.  

It's bad enough that your dog ran away, your truck is busted, and your significant other is cheating, but now your hands and arms hurt.  It's most likely that you have tendonitis.

What is it?  An inflammatory condition of a tendon caused by tearing and abrasions due to overwork under conditions of high muscle stress.  Read - too many all day sessions.  

It's common in many professions, but musicians seem to experience it most often as a sharp pain in one spot in the wrist, elbow, or base of the thumb.  Typically, you will feel a burning pain, sometimes when you are playing, or if it's a chronic condition, it can be constant.

If tendonitis isn't taken care of right away, it can develop into a major problem involving months of intense pain and perhaps even an end to your playing days.  Just ask any former football player who had tendonitis in his knees.  Those guys can barely walk once they hit 40.

Here's some tips to help prevent tendonitis:

  • Warm up - those muscles in your hands and arms need to get primed before you start pumping out music
  • Stretch - keep the muscles limber
  • Fretters and pickers - try relaxing your pick grip and try to play relaxed
  • Endurance - Build up your muscle stamina if you haven't played for awhile.  You wouldn't just go out and run to Memphis tomorrow, right?

If you already have tendonitis and are looking for a way to keep playing, but still get rid of the pain, give us a call today.  

Dr. Mike and Dr. Callie

Dr. Mike and Dr. Callie at Art of Health Chiropractic in the Berry Hill community in Nashville, TN specialize in soft tissue injuries to athletes, musicians, and many more.  They focus on fast pain relief and preventative strategies so you can go back and play...whatever your game is.